March 2, 2017 – Event Recap

This was our first event for 2017 and we were blessed to have Silver Springs Golf & Country Club to host our event. They were kind enough to provide a beverage station for all ages including water, pop, coffee and tea and it was enjoyed by all.

We had a special guest this evening from the Ronald McDonald House, Morgan Scott, who thanked the kids for their generous donation from our last event. She explained to the kids how it truly is a house just like theirs but on a bigger scale so that the families that stay there feel like they are at home. Our donation was a huge help in covering the costs to run the house so that the families that stay there only have to pay approx $12/night compared to $180+/night. We opened it up to questions and had one that sure made us all giggle. A young boy asked her if she knew how dirt bikes were made? Morgan took it in stride and gave him an answer he was happy with even though it wouldn’t be considered her specialty! LOL

The following charities were nominated before the event:

Joy SocksTom Baker Cancer CentreFur-ever HomesOpening Gaits Therapeutic Horse RidingCalgary Flames FoundationAlberta Children’s Hospital FoundationCalgary Food Bank

*Remember that if your charity didn’t win the vote you are still able to nominate them again at the next meeting. And more than one child can nominate the same charity. (that just means more chances for that charity to be chosen)

The three chosen charities for the evening were:

1. Calgary Flames Foundation – Jacob Bunes

Jacob did a great job explaining that the Flames Foundation is committed to supporting education, health and wellness, and amateur and grassroots sports. They have a lot of initiatives but Jacob decided to focus on some of the smaller ones like their reading programs that encourage and motivate kids to read as well as the Even Strength program that helps kids and families who can’t afford the cost of hockey registration. This helps all kids get to play the sports they love.

2. Fur-ever Homes – Hadley & Emerson Sylvestre

Hadley & Emerson are sisters and Emerson has actually spoke about this charity before at one of our previous events. Their mom volunteers for the charity and they have also been a foster home for a few of the dogs. Fur-ever Homes believes that every dog deserves a second chance and they rescue local dogs as well as those from Mexico and LA.

We actually only had 2 charities initially as sickness and last minute commitments led to the other nominating members not being able to attend. So we decided to do something we’ve never done before and opened it up to all that were at the event and asked if anyone would be willing to come up and speak about their favourite charity. There was a bit of hesitation by all but then one very courageous 7 year old boy, Jack, decided he would get up and speak. We were so proud of Jack as it was his very first event as a brand new member!

3. Made by Momma – Jack Palaschuk

Jack and his family are some of the helping hands of this organization that helps provide essentials and support to mothers with young children who are facing tough times. It is all volunteer run, last year 735 families were helped and the need continues to grow. Made by Momma takes stress away from moms during tough times. They provide baby essentials (diapers, wipes, formula, clothes, cribs, carseats etc.) as well as meals and just general help around the house to those families that need it.

The kid members casted their votes and while the votes were being counted we did the door prize draws. The time around we had 3 – $15 Indigo Gift Cards. We love being able to reward some of the members that attend the events and they all thoroughly enjoy winning.

This was our closet vote to date where each charity was only separated by one vote!!! The winner of the group donation was Calgary Flames Foundation.

We were able to collect a $300 donation at the actual event but we are really hoping that our registered members will help us to GROW this donation. We would love for your to show your support by e-transfering money to the email or mailing your donation to 182 Crestmont Dr SW Calgary, AB T3B 0A1 or arranging a time with me to collect your donation.

We are hoping to have our next event in May….I am just in the process of trying to find a venue that will donate their space. If any of you have connections or thoughts on where we can host an event we would gladly accept the recommendations as we don’t want to wear out our welcome anywhere 🙂

Please be sure to “like” our Facebook Page as we update events on there as well as share photos from the event.

Thank you for believing in what we are doing!

100 Kids Who Care Calgary

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