September 23, 2017 – Event Recap

We were absolutely blessed to have SoftRock 97.7 partner with us for this event! They helped to promote our giving circle to their audience and we were fortunate to have Christina Rowsell with us at the event and you can hear her on the radio daily from 10 – 2pm! So, be sure to tune your radio to 97.7 and follow them on social media.

We had so much fun at this event! Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics Centre was such a great venue, it was hard to keep the kids sitting still as once their feet hit the mats they just wanted to be moving. Kyle and his team brought a ton of energy to the evening and we started by playing some games to burn off that energy. Kyle then shared his Olympic Gold Medal (I think the adults in the room were more in awe than the kids) with everyone and told a bit about his experience playing a sport at such a high level. We were all inspired to continue to find the things we love and do them well!

At the event we presented The Happy Birthday Project with a cheque for $710!! Allyson Palaschuk was there to accept the cheque and thank everyone for this amazing donation. She also shared the impact our donation has on their organization. Allyson explained that our donation would buy a party pack for everyone in attendance, which is big deal! The $10 each of the kid members gave helps many more children feel special on their birthday. There is a huge demand for this service in our city so if you would like to get further involved The Happy Birthday Project is also looking for Delivery Drivers. You would pick up donations and deliver the party packs to agencies around the city and in surrounding areas.

The following charities were nominated before the event:

KidSport ~ NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank ~ JoySocks ~ Fur-ever Homes ~ Between Friends ~ Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

*Remember that if your charity didn’t win the vote you are still able to nominate them again at the next meeting. And more than one child can nominate the same charity. (that just means more chances for that charity to be chosen)

The three chosen charities for the evening were:

  1. Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre – Lauryn & Brielle Lines & Rory Quigley
    These three girls were very well prepared and did such a great job speaking together. They shared that the Centre helps kids who have been abused by providing all the necessary services in one place so the child only has to tell their story once! The support is there for the child and their family to be sure everyone heals. There is on average 123 children accessing the centre every month. The money raised would go to things like basic baby needs, movie passes, zoo passes, Calaway Park passes and other fun activities. It would also help provide money for camps, household items, groceries and clothing.
  2. KidSport – Tristan Donovan
    Tristan decided to start his speech by sharing a baseball game story to show why he loves sports so much. Sports allows him to feel joy and like he can accomplish anything. Tristan wants all kids to feel that joy and for all kids to be able to participate in sports if they want to. Some kids have to sit on the sidelines because they can’t afford to play and don’t have the required equipment. Luckily there is a charity that also feels all kids should be able to play. The money we collect today would help kids in Calgary play the sports they love.
  3. Joy Socks – Emma Espetveidt
    Emma was inspired at our last event by Brooklyn who spoke about JoySocks, so Emma went home and asked everyone invited to her birthday party to bring a pair of fun, colourful pair of socks with them so she could donate them to JoySocks. Emma came to the 100 Kids event with her bagful of socks and gave a very heartwarming speech about her new love of the charity JoySocks! After the event, Emma actually became a junior ambassador for this charity!!

While the kids cast their votes it was time to reward some of the members in attendance with door prizes for (3) Menchies cards, (2) Laser City Passes as well as a $50 Boston Pizza card!! We are so GRATEFUL to all our member parents for their generous donations, THANK YOU!

The votes were tallied and the money was counted, our winner of the group donation in the amount of $500 (however the pot grew that very night to over $600) was The Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre! Once the Centre heard of the amazing presentation give and the kids’ generosity two of their Board Members stepped up and each of them will match the dollars we raise, which means our donation will be TRIPLED!!! If you would like to contribute and make this donation GROW we would love your support!

You can:
E-transfer money to my email: or
Drop-off your donation at: 135 Valley Brook Crt NW Calgary, AB T3B 5S3

Don’t forget to catch us on Social Media….you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Our next event will be held on Wednesday, December 6 at the Valley Ridge Golf Course. Registration will be from 6:00- 6:30pm and Event from 6:30 – 7:30pm. The Restaurant, Mulligans, at the VR Golf Course will have a special running that evening if you would like to grab some dinner their beforehand! The special is ……. and the food there is amazing!

Thank you for believing in what we are doing! Please share the word, the more the merrier and the greater the local impact made! 100 Kids Who Care Calgary

100 Kids Who Care Calgary

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