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Hi, my name is Cat! I am a mom to a little mischief maker, Katalina King and a wife to a big mischief maker, Lauren. And can’t forget about our fur baby, Einstein! Though my daughter is not quite old enough to nominate a charity, I’m excited for her to grow up watching these brave kids come up and speak from the heart on a cause near and dear to them. 

My mom used to take me to Unicef when I was in pre-K to volunteer (mostly rolling coins) and it’s still one of my favourite core memories. I knew it was always something I wanted to do with my little girl when she was old enough. I had started to look at opportunities to get her involved around the community and it felt serendipitous when I stumbled upon 100 Kids Calgary last fall. However, maybe two minutes after learning of its existence, I also learned it was meant to be the last event. I went from ecstatic to wistful that I had just missed out on being part of such an incredible community. I knew immediately I had to jump in and see how I could help to keep this labour of love moving forward. 

That’s my journey to how I got involved in helping to lead this amazing organization. I’m excited to grow this community and see firsthand the incredible ways its members can make an impact!


My name is Susie and I feel incredibly honored to be able to help carry forward the amazing legacy that is 100 Kids Who Care Calgary. My wonderful husband and I are raising three extraordinary children together, and I work with children every day in a place that holds a special place in my heart. When I first heard about 100 Kids several years ago, I knew it was something that I wanted our children to be involved in. With a purpose of inspiring our children to give back by empowering them, I was nudged to bring them to their first meeting. That night we were exposed to new charities, my kids made their own choice of where their money goes, and they heard the impact of the groups last donation. And they had fun!

My children were hooked after the first meeting. I saw the impact of that meeting trickle into their everyday lives and I saw their generous spirits grow even more. I never knew the impact of them seeing other kids giving back like them would have until we left the meeting that night. We went to more meetings, even online during the pandemic, and I continued to see the beauty of this community and the influence it had on my kids. When the opportunity arose to lead this group, I once again saw the power of this community. While Jen, Cat, and I all have different beginnings at 100 Kids, we all know its impact and the need for this group in our community and for our own children. I’m so excited to work with them to help this incredible group of kids continue to do great things for our city! We’re strongest together!!


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Donovan 44We are the parents of three young children, Zach, Tristan, and Malia. We have been looking for ways to get our kids involved in giving and learning about local charities and what they do for our community. However, we weren’t having much success finding something the kids could actually do themselves and be hands on.  A few months ago the two of us joined the networks 100 Women Who Care Calgary and 100 Men Who Give a Damn Calgary and learned that other cities in fact had a 100 Kids Who Care Group. Instantly we knew this was exactly what we needed to do and together we have founded the chapter, 100 Kids Who Care Calgary!
Please join us in inspiring the next generation to give!